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Alice in Wonderland

“Alice in Wonderland” is considered one of the best known books in children’s literature worldwide but it is more than just a children’s book; it is a masterpiece that has taught us to dream, one that continues to inspire and instill values such as courage, goodness, purity, innocence, and trust.

After the Little Prince journal of last year, we present another multi-faceted work of art, which we hope you will admire and enjoy. In this journal, you will also find passages penned by Lewis Carroll and translated by Tomris Uyar, capturing your imagination and inviting you to dreams. And that is not all; visual interpretations of select passages by nine different illustrators also await you on the pages of the journal. 

We as Ersa family are delighted to present to you our second journal, this time inspired by the story of Alice looking for adventures in wonderland. To our fellow young artists that are always with us under the Box in a Box Idea roof and to you, the protagonist of this journal we would like to extend our gratitude for accompanying us on this journey and for sharing the joy. We hope that every word you write in this journal will guide you on the path to wherever you dream of going. 

İllüstratör: Ethem Onur Bilgiç

İllüstratör: Mert Tugen

İllüstratör: Elif Demir

İllüstratör: Ada Tuncer

İllüstratör: Başak Bilgin

İllüstratör: Ethem Onur Bilgiç

İllüstratör: Ceyhun Şen

İllüstratör: Berna Yangın

İllüstratör: Erhan Cihangiroğlu

İllüstratör: Merve Atılgan

İllüstratör:  Bülent Gültek

İllüstratör: Murat Eren

İllüstratör: Özlem Isıyel

Orjinal Eser / Original Work

Lewis Carroll

Çizerler / Illustrators:

Ethem Onur Bilgiç

Başak Bilgin

Erhan Cihangiroğlu

Mert Tugen

Berna Yangın

Sedat Girgin

Elif Demir

Ceyhun Şen

Bülent Gültek

Özlem Isıyel

Merve Atılgan

Murat Eren

Ada Tuncer

Grafik Tasarım / Graphic Design

Şener Yılmaz Aslan

Derleme / Compilation

A. Seçkin Canan

Ezgi Genç

Ersa Mobilya San. Tic.  A.Ş.


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