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Box in a Box Idea Concept

Vol. 1

Yalın Tan, Talks About the Origin of the Box in a Box Idea Consept

While forming the new concept of the Ersa Showroom together with our design team, our point of departure was the strong production infrastructure within the Ersa Complex. The “Box in a Box Idea” began shaping from that point onward. We attempted to form our Retail design concept intentionally from the natural and incomplete elements of the production facility image. These components refer both to the ordinariness and stylishness.
Just as in the materials lab, boxes consisting of various materials took their places as part of the concept. Boxes designed in different types and dimensions recall the individualized spaces defined by office systems and furniture. Boxes used for exhibit units symbolize in reality the toy blocks of children. On the other hand, the statuesque exhibit boxes make a fun reference to the industrial image and ambiance of the Ersa Complex-wood and copper, rough and smooth, raw and polished. The showroom in Istanbul was the first story we wanted to tell on behalf of Ersa... Just as trends change in the world, our stories in this space will also change.
Vol. 1
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