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A Journey To The Center of Ideas Altunizade… Uninhabited until the 19th century, a district in Istanbul that later became home to artists, politicians, literary figures, leading names of the intelligentsia of the city in the 20th century. And today, despite its geographically central location, still preserving some of its previous suburban character…

Author: Gülay Kaçmaz Özbek
Photos: Şener Yılmaz Aslan
Illustrations: Ceyhun Şen

Ersa, the office furniture expert, opened its new center in Istanbul, housing a store and offices in Altunizade one year ago. Now, Ersa hosts guests and visitors in its Istanbul offices where employees work in a space located in a very central urban location and yet still among trees, with bright and pleasant views. 

A brand driven by ultimate employee and customer satisfaction …

Ersa’s story starts nearly sixty years in Sivas and gradually becomes more industrialized as the company continues its operations in Ankara, growing with government contracts. The 2000s see the company starting to invest in knowledge capital. The first store in Istanbul opens in the Fulya district. The showroom is conceived in the Box in a Box Idea concept, indicating that Ersa is evolving from just an industrial business to a company introducing an open platform to engage in social and cultural dialogs with Istanbul, and seeking to encourage and embrace creative industries. When the growth of the company and the demands of the era necessitate a new space, a detached building in Altunizade is leased. Ersa works with DEGW, a strategic consultancy firm specializing in office layouts, to determine the architectural style that is closest to the company’s heart, and create a layout to enable optimal productivity. And Şanal Architecture uses this brief to design the ideal concept that would reflect Ersa. Bearing the signature of Alexis and Murat Şanal, the Core Ideas concept has come to life in Altunizade, once home to some of the leading figures of the Istanbul intelligentsia, as an embodiment of Ersa’s focus on ideas and design. 

Core Ideas in Altunizade 

Much more than just a furniture store or an office, Ersa conceived Core Ideas in Altunizade as an inspirational space that all users would enjoy. While many of the objectives defined for this center have been realized, Ersa still has more dreams for this space. Using certain sections as temporary exhibition spaces, hosting talks on design and transforming it into a “center for ideas” over time are only a few of these dreams…

It’s Carnival Time in the Office

Ersa’s new series brings fun and dynamism to workspaces. 

In creating the Carnival series for Ersa, Ece Yalım Design Studio drew inspiration from carnivals and fairs. The Carnival proposes to bring the festive spirit of carnivals to the workplace. The Trapeze, Lobut, Tambour and Acrobat models in the Carnival collection dare you to try the unexpected in your workspaces with their dynamic lines, whimsical forms, and bold and contrasting colors. Designs that feel like they are “ready to move any minute now” seem to invite us all to a parade. 

The extravaganza as the common theme of carnivals, the impossibility… 

Large figures, unexpected looks you wouldn’t come across in daily life… 

Whimsical and delightful… 

Dynamism and motion among the crowds …

Now it’s your turn!

Sayı 14
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