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Vol. 1

Ersa’s new product design departure point is the future needs of the work environment.

In this respect, its concentration is on characteristic products which would be able to respond to the needs of work trends and office spaces of the future. Ersa, adapting to the speed and change brought on by global competition, creates flexible office systems appropriate for all types of work cultures around the world. In this way, Ersa aims to enhance the happiness of office employee with practical, ergonomic and personalizable designs.
Creating its own designs, Ersa collaborates with renowned designers such as Aykut Erol, Ece Selamoğlu Yalım, Murat Erciyas, Oğuz Yalım, Sezgin Akan, Tamer Nakışçı, Yalın Tan and Erdem Akan in Turkey as well as internationally recognized designers such as Claudio Bellini, Paola De Francesco, and João Ramos Silva.
Vol. 1
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