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The Story of 'Twins'

Vol. 1

The initial design ideas for Twins, which earned the renowned Red Dot Award, date back to 2008. It all began with the dream of Ece Yalım Studio and Ersa to create a guest chair that would enrich its space while not overwhelming the present architectural design.

The first step toward realizing this dream was taken with a concept presentation to Ersa by a design team consisting of Ece Selamoğlu Yalım, Oğuz Yalım and Feride Toprak. Sketches, which began with two symmetrical and separate pieces, resulted in the first model of the product. After calculating the correct angles and dimensions which would make the chair more comfortable and ergonomic, the product with a mass image was given light metal footing which streamlined the angular lines of the seats. The final step for the development of the product prototype was the selection of proper materials. In this stage, materials were integrated with the design and the basis of it all was comfort. Dust-proof, non-allergenic, wipeable felt cloth offered colour options for those who wanted to emphasize the fun aspect of the product and minimal chromium or dyed metal footing supporting the light-look were used. After ergonomic revisions were made to the prototype, serial production was initiated. During the 4-month product development process the opinions and preferences of not only the ''guests'' but also of interior architects were taken into consideration. Twins' character was targeted not to compete with the style of architecture to which it belongs but to contribute to visual integration and provide motion.
Today, the preference of the Twins product designed as a guest chair for waiting and manager rooms proves that the design has achieved its goal. Twins forms a pleasant contrast with the straight texture of contemporary and plain spaces with its dynamic form and sharp angles. Offering a rich colour selection, Twins is favored for its pleasurable dynamism in multi-use wide reception spaces. When considered in terms of user experience, Twins’ seemingly divided form in contrast to the traditional offers a visual surprise. It invites experimentation while creating curiosity in how the pieces are held together. Those who respond to this impulse and experiment with Twins define it as ergonomic, comfortable and balanced. Twins with single and double models are manufactured only with felt cloth. 15 colour options and 4 footing choices permit personalization of the product according to preference. In addition to the ''Red Dot'' award given to products combining quality with superior and innovative design, Twins has received the ''Good Design'' award in the office furniture branch in “Design Turkey 2010”.
Vol. 1
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