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A producer of ceramic health supplies, VitrA became at the end of process consulted by PE International, the only and first European producer to be granted the Type-III Environmental Product Declaration which is the most comprehensive of the eco-labels in the world.

With the certification provided to VitrA by German Building and Environment Institute (IBU) the process by which VitrA conducts manufacturing and obtains raw materials from nature, and the recycling of production waste material back to nature has been documented as being 100% transparent and its environmental performance is quantitatively declared. Environmental Product Declarations prepared within the framework of IS0 14025 is being increasingly demanded by architects and planners since they are directly useable jointly with sustainable building design tools.
EPDs are confirmed by independent organizations according to the standard and in a internationally accepted form. Registration of declaration assists the companies in demonstrating that they act responsibly in providing product-based environmental information.
Vol. 1
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